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This Day In History
October 3rd

Product Overview

Birthdays are a special time in a person's life and are cause for celebration.
Treasured Past helps people celebrate their birthday
with a personalized historical greeting.

Each greeting is a unique collection of interesting and entertaining facts —
all the significant events of that special day and year in history!

Your customers will appreciate and remember your
unique and thoughtful way of saying thanks for their business!

Greeting Styles

Treasured Past greetings improve customer relationships and generate loyalty.

They have a retail value of $5.95, but your cost is as low as $0.60!

Order Info

Retro Card
Order Info

Order Info

Product Features

  • Nostalgic and Vintage Greetings are 8½" X 11"
    • Greetings are folded for mailing
    • Suitable for framing
  • Retro Card is 5½" X 8½"
  • Low price with high perceived value
    • $5.95 retail value and your cost is as low as $0.60
  • Includes white envelope for each greeting:
    • If Treasured Past mails directly to your customers, we use envelopes with 2 windows. One window displays the customer's name & address and the other window displays your return name and address.
    • If greetings are shipped in bulk to the person ordering, we include plain white envelopes for each greeting (no windows). The greetings are not inserted into the envelopes. You can add additional materials like coupons, business cards, surveys, etc.
  • All greetings are personalized with recipient's name and date of birth
  • Add your own personalized message (up to 240 characters) or choose from our pre-created options
  • Write your own signature
  • Highlights from 1899-2008
  • History for every day of the year — including February 29th!
  • Over 36,000 total birthdays
  • 100,000 + historical facts
  • Each greeting contains over 50 historical facts (Retro Card has approx. 30)
  • Each greeting has multiple categories (see list below)
  • Each category has multiple versions, which allows multi-year use

Greeting Categories

See Greeting Options above for exact categories per greeting style.

  1. President and Vice President
  2. Year In Review: Premier headlines of the year.
  3. Movies and Music: Best Actor and Actress, Top Movies and Songs.
  4. Sports: Trivia for the enthusiast.
  5. Then and Now: Price comparisons of housing, gasoline, food items, and more!
  6. This Day in History: Highlights for the day, regardless of the year; includes famous people born this day in any year.
  7. Firsts: Inventions, new products and discoveries made during the year.
  8. American Culture: Fun, factual and nostalgic tid-bits, e.g., Mood rings appeared, Hula Hoops were popular.
  9. Entertainment: Interesting items from the world of Broadway, television, radio and literature (no information duplicated in the Movies and Music category).
  10. Born This Year: Famous people born any day that year.
  11. Did you know: Average quantities and calculations for the recipient's current lifetime e.g., heartbeat, hours slept, gallons of milk consumed.
  12. Birthstone, Birth Sign, Chinese Zodiac

About Treasured Past

Treasured Past has been in business since 1998. Treasured Past's unique historical database has been used to mail over 1 million greetings.

We guarantee complete satisfaction of your order.

Corporate Opportunities

  1. Lease Treasured Past Historical Database
    • Annual lease fee or per usage fee
    • Database can be stored and used by you or your print vendors
    • Print on your own greeting paper or promotional materials
    • Print on Treasured Past supplied paper with matching envelopes
  2. Treasured Past Prints and Mails
    • Company collects orders
    • Treasured Past receives print file from corporate or vendor database
    • Use Treasured Past paper and envelopes or custom-made
    • Add a coupon, tear-off or BRE
    • Create custom categories for your industry
    • Treasured Past prints, inserts and mails 1st Class Presort
    • Billing to corporate office or database vendor
    • Detailed reporting
  3. Other Applications
    • Employment Anniversaries
    • Customer Anniversaries (years as a customer)
    • Membership Milestones
    • Corporate Events/Milestones/Anniversaries
    • Wedding Anniversaries
    • Graduation (high school/college)

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